Blogging options for English language learners

Commenting on my Edublog in the English class has been a unique way of getting students to write and express themselves in English. It’s a difficult task when it’s not their vernacular! Surprisingly, most have done a good job and from what I’ve gathered, they have found it an enjoyable one!  Coming up with topics has been challenging but I’ve used the class discussions as a source.  Our electronic text, Prentice Hall Literature,  has provided a wealth of ideas and I’ve discovered that almost all students like to write about their feelings regarding their favorite movies, songs and of course, their social life or lack of one!

I made commenting on my blog a requirement for my course.  Well, what better way to get students to write? Everyone has the opportunity to express their opinion and I must say we’ve had some lively discussions on certain topics!  Those students who might not normally express their views in class will do so on a blog.  Through the blog, I’ve learned about my students and got an inkling of how each feels about a particular topic. At the same time, I determine what kind of help they need with their writing. I hope they eventually decide to blog on their own– in any language!

To get a feel for the blog and students’  comments, check out


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