Using Quotes in the Classroom

The best way to predict your Future is to create it. ~~Abraham Lincoln

For English language learners, quotes are excellent conversation starters. I select those that are related to the unit that is being studied and write them on the whiteboard. I leave out key words and  students fill in the blank spaces as I dictate the quote. With this strategy the student practices spelling and grammar (and listening!). It ‘s also a good way to acquire vocabulary. I’ve picked up some new words myself! Just goes to show that learning is a two-way street.

The Internet has a wealth of websites dedicated to quotes on a variety of topics so I never run out of quotes. Sometimes I’m inspired and come up with my own ideas.

I also use quotes to get the students to reflect on the topic and apply it to what they’re reading in class. These reflections are put in writing and sent electronically. Students use Google Drive, Sky Drive, Drop Box or any other form of Cloud computing to store their files. Some even have their own private blogs!  They send me the links when they’re ready to share.  Most of the work is graded, of course. Since English is not their native language I only require a minimum of sentences but some students get carried away and usually produce more than required which is fine with me. The more they practice the better!
Powerpoint presentations are a great way to present quotes.  At the beginning of the school year I’ll use a presentation to start a discussion on learning in general and have students reflect on how they learn. Using photos of their classmates and teachers in the presentation make it more interesting and relevant. Comments on the strategies that some teachers use and  how they as students learn will spark lively debates! That’s all part of the learning process! ~~LMM
A sample presentation:

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