Blogs as electronic portfolios

This trimester the students in my blogging course will be creating a new blog which will be used as a portfolio.  Each will select an academic class he likes or in which he feels he does well.

What better way for a student to document his or her progress in a particular course than by blogging about it? It’s ideal in a way because the format lends itself nicely to the process. Entries can be on any learning experiences occurring during a class.

Let’s suppose a student was struggling with a math assignment and was finally able to master it.  An excellent entry would describe how he or she felt during the experience.  The student could even post the assignment on the blog and identify that which gave him satisfaction on completion.

A student could also upload a video of himself during an oral report. Photo galleries are nice features on a blog and they may include pictures of special projects that the student has worked on during the school year.   As he progresses through the blog he may reach a goal he has set earlier for himself. This achievement may inspire him and spur him on to set higher goals which in turn will stimulate further academic growth.

A blog portfolio will help a student reflect on his learning strategies. He’ll decide what works and what doesn’t; what he can change and how to go about it.

No matter which academic course the student chooses to blog about, he will gain a sense of security and feel that he can take on other challenges.

Check out the following site on portfolios if you would like to learn more.



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