Blogging: The “Write” Way!

When teaching students about blogging, it’s sometimes difficult to get them to grasp the concept. Blogging is a social thing but it cannot be compared to other social networking platforms.  Blogs can serve different needs. They can be used to inform or entertain readers. What a student wants to do with a blog depends on his or her need to convey thoughts about a particular topic. Their thoughts matter even if they’re only writing for a select group or only for themselves!

As teachers, we want to get the students to write about their topics as sincerely as possible. We want them to reach their own conclusions based on what they have read. How can we do that? I can only think of one way and it may be old-school: reading, writing, and revising! That’s what the writing process is all about.  Student bloggers must realize that blogging is about writing and revising what they’ve written. They need to express themselves as accurately as possible. Be it one or ten, a reader will expect nothing less.

To all bloggers out there: Are you prepared to research, write and revise before publishing?  ~~LMM

writing process


3 thoughts on “Blogging: The “Write” Way!

  1. Your right. As your student, I have learned to improve my English writing and as well being sincere in it. I’m a newbie in the world of blogging. Is amazing how much I have shared in my blogs in just five months. Blogging has helped me express my thoughts and share them with other people. I hope to continue working on my blogs next semester. It is a once in a lifetime experience.

  2. I think we all make our mistakes but learning from them is clear. I honestly like my technology class. I have learned a lot and I appreciate it. Although it is an elective, I learned more than I thought. Sincerely is a great teacher and the support it gives the class very well. Your class is not easy because they go to school to relax but not impossible.

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