Storage and Collaborative Tools: Google Drive & SkyDrive

Just recently I’ve been getting my students to use their cloud storage available through their Gmail or Hotmail accounts (Google Drive/SkyDrive).  Both services provide users storage, file sharing and collaborative editing. This last one is a great asset for any teacher. A student can work on a variety of documents online and then share them with the teacher.

When I assign my students a task, they work on it through either Google Drive or SkyDrive and then share it with me.  Once I receive it, I can edit the document and then  send it back with my corrections and suggestions for improvement. When students are done, they resend their final draft for grading.

I like to use my space to store the students’ completed assignments. Cloud storage is a great space saver and at the same time, environmentally friendly!

Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage and SkyDrive 7GB.  Both are adequate storage space for students and teachers.

Of course, good Internet connection is essential. But once you have that in place, the rest is a breeze!

Next time you want to create a document, why not give either of  these free storage services a try? ~~LMM

Cloud storage



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