Forms and Surveys on Blogs or Webpages

Further investigation into the features of Google Drive and SkyDrive brought me to discover the survey element they both have.  I wanted the students to use it on their blogs so I asked them to prepare a quick questionnaire related to the blog topic. Those who have SkyDrive used “Excel Survey” and the ones with Google Drive used “Form.” Each student prepared 5 questions with 3 multiple-choice items each.  I reviewed the student’s questions to check for errors and once approved, the student prepared the online survey. Each survey was posted on the student’s blog and the link to the page was sent to fellow classmates. In a future assignment, each student will analyze and post the results of the survey.

Both SkyDrive and Google Drive can generate a link to the survey. Google Drive provides an HTML code that can be embedded into a blog or webpage. With both, the responses can be viewed.  Up to now, I believe that  Google Drive’s “Form” has the advantage over SkyDrive’s “Excel Survey.” The Google Drive user can select colorful themes and the results of the survey can be displayed graphically.

Forms or surveys: interesting items to add to a blog or webpage! ~~LMM


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