Socrative: A student response system

I recently came across a blog on Blogger that has a variety of tech tools for teachers to use.  Free Technology for Teachers (emphasis on FREE) at gave me ideas for my blogging course.  One very cool tool I discovered was Socrative at,  a student response system. I tried it out and found it to be relatively simple to use.  Through a brief activity, I was able to grab the students’  attention.  It’s giving me the idea to use it for quizzes or short tests. I get the results of the students’ answers immediately. That’s a plus for any teacher!

Teachers have a lot of grading to do and  sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.  This system saves time and paper! I discovered that with Socrative, I can obtain feedback on a topic that has been discussed.  I can present two or three quick questions designed to test the students’ knowledge. I’ll quickly have an idea who got it and who is still struggling.

The system may be used with cellphones, tablets or personal computers. All must have  a strong Internet connection.  So far we’ve had fun working with it!  Let’s see how the students do on their first short test with the system.  ~~LMM



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