A little bit of humor in the classroom

Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.
–Edward De Bono

I would not have survived some 35 plus years in the classroom if I hadn’t had some sense of humor. Any teacher who can’t laugh at her own mistakes (and learn from them!), won’t last very long.
With things changing so rapidly and at the same time others becoming tedious, it’s a wonder that some people in the field of education decide to opt out of the classroom and pursue other interests. Sometimes I can’t blame them. The teaching profession has to be embraced with a passion! And having a strong sense of humor can go a long way to preserving that passion.
Educating youngsters in today’s world is a challenge. You have to keep your wits intact, be on your toes and laugh at yourself if only to release the frustration that usually builds up after an exhausting day with tuned-out minds. Developing a sense of humor is a must if one wants to survive.
Use cartoons, funny video clips or even the students’ own life experiences to bring some humor into the classroom. A moment of laughter can be turned into a learning opportunity. Seize that moment and you’ll go a long way to keeping those wandering minds on track!

Check out www.andertoons.com for funny cartoons to use in the classroom.


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