Rounding up the old school year & planning for the new

It’s that time of year again: the end of another school year. After a whirlwind of activities — year-end reports, graduations, and proms– we finally get a breather.
Most of our staff does not work during the summer months but a few must take care of the summer school students.
Those two months however, will not only be busy with the summer session but with planning for the next school year! Yes! You heard right! We’re already planning for the coming school year. One of the plans includes setting up websites for each teacher.  Taking advantage of free hosting, of course!
A few of our staff already have an edge over others in that area. They have set up their sites for the school community to see. Posting course syllabus and evaluation plans on websites will be required of each teacher so that both students and parents are clear on teacher’s expectations.
There was a time when this information was printed out or written on a chalkboard (or whiteboard). Not anymore! We’re going green for the most part. Students can download class material to their personal electronic devices or print them out if needed (but only if it’s really necessary!).
How are teacher’s taking this? For the most part, I’m happy to report, with genuine enthusiasm! After giving a small group a brief workshop on setting up websites, they’re pumped up and ready to go! I’m looking forward to seeing what their sites will look like and how the students will respond. Judging by past experience, the students will take it in stride and will embrace the fact that their teachers are tech savvy! ~~LMM


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