The classroom: To flip or not to flip?


flipped classroom


That is the question. Flipping the classroom seems to be in vogue now.  It’s an interesting concept. Just what is the flipped classroom all about?  I decided to do some research on the topic.

The first thing I did was consult Wikipedia and found this:

In flip teaching, the students first study the topic by themselves, typically using video lessons prepared by the teacher[5][6] or third parties. In class students apply the knowledge by solving problems and doing practical work.[7][8][9] The teacher tutors the students when they become stuck, rather than imparting the initial lesson in person. Complementary techniques include[10] differentiated instruction and project-based learning.[11] Teachers are blending flipped learning with traditional in-class lecturing through tools like eduCanon or EDpuzzle[12] that keep students accountable to video lessons at home through time-embedded formative assessments.[13]   ( )

As I continued to read on the trend, I thought and wondered  if I could do this.  Could I flip my classroom? I’ve already been blending my teaching strategies. As a technology and English-language instructor, I’ve used web-based learning to reach all my students. I’ve used Google apps, Socrative, Slideshare,  Flickr,  Wikispaces, YouTube e-mail communications, and a class blog to insure that the students have every opportunity to access class content.  And I’m seriously considering using Twitter and Pinterest. Maybe I’m already doing most of what’s involved.  One thing I haven’t done is record a video of  one of my lectures. So I’ll have to check out how to record my class content and make it available for those students taking one of my courses.

I checked out the DailyGenuis 6- step guide to flipping the classroom and found it to be easy enough to try out. Let’s see how it goes. If I do decide to engage in the practice and I obtain reasonable success (hopefully), well, I’ll definitely write a post on it!

You think this trend will stick around or is it one of those fads that will fade away? Would you venture into this new teaching experience? ~~LMM





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