Field Trips: Integrating subjects

What better way to use a field trip experience to integrate almost every subject? Not too long ago our entire  school community went on a “pilgrimage” to one of the western towns of our tropical island. It was about a two-hour drive and took eight school buses to transport  about four hundred people (students and teaching staff).

How can each teacher use this experience in the classroom? A number of ways occurs to me:

1. Religious studies: Documenting the events centering on the spiritual aspect of the trip. This one is the main work to be submitted by the students because the religious studies department organized the trip.

2. Math: Calculating the  distance traveled and the ETA, taking into consideration the variables of traffic conditions, weather, rest stops and other.

3. English: Describing the scenery on the way to and from the destination.  The use of figurative language could be the main focus.

4. Science: Classifying the different types of vegetation or animals observed in the area. How do they differ from the area where most of the students reside?

5. Health: Reporting on the dietary needs of people with certain health conditions. Persons with erratic sugar levels come to mind when taking such a trip.

6. History and culture: Summarizing the architecture, people, and works of art found. The students visited a church built in 1606 which was later converted to a museum of religious artifacts. This would be an excellent topic for research!

The possibilities are endless when integrating disciplines.  I’ve just named a few.

I think my next assignment for my current English course will be a blog post comment related to the trip. The topic under discussion in class is on heroes and their responsibilities. My blog post would be: Who were the heroes of that period and how did they respond to the events of the times?

It’s interesting to note the variety of ways a field trip can enrich the learning experience for everyone! ~~~LMM

Historic Residence

Historic residence in San Germán, PR



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