Teacher as club adviser

Being a club adviser for a group of techies has its challenges. The challenge is even greater if the majority are in the seventh grade. A teacher should be willing and able to face these new experiences as opportunities for professional growth.  I think I’ve embraced it!

I’ve noticed that tweens (and teens) are very enthusiastic about their electronic gadgets and always seem to be a step ahead of me with the latest APP. Which, I confess, is a good thing when I think about it. It helps keep me on my toes! I have to constantly search for news items of interest to show them at each meeting. That’s what I love about this field — all the learning that goes on in every direction!

I took advantage of the current club president, a 12th-grade student who is taking my Tech II course, and asked him to talk to the members at one of the meetings. One of the Tech II course requirements is to illustrate the uses of Google Drive to groups of students from the school.  At Meeting #7, Emilio talked to the club members about the usefulness of Google Drive for working on school assignments. Other than Google mail, most were unaware of the features Google Drive had to offer. All in all, it was a productive meeting and the club members, as well as the Club adviser, went away with some new knowledge about Cloud computing. I only hope the members will put it to practical use. Am I asking too much? Maybe, maybe not! ~~LMM

Check out the related post on the club’s site: Meeting-7-talking-about-google-drive/



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