Traveling as a teaching resource

Whenever I get a chance to travel, the educator in me looks for any chance to incorporate the experience into her courses. This summer I took the opportunity to travel to England and during my two-week stay, I visited castles, manor homes, museums, antique shops, cathedrals, a film studio, a university city and of course, shopping malls. I tried to absorb as much as possible and documented everything through a number of photos (up to 700 something and still counting!).

What will I do with all the shots I took? So far I’ve organized them by place or attraction. How will I use them in my courses? Well, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter will definitely be used for my Movies and Films and technology courses! I got to see up close all the tricks of the film-making trade, from all the props used to the special effects in the popular Harry Potter series.

I could use my visit to Norwich Castle as an introduction to how Hollywood filmed movies based on medieval times. My visit to Stonehenge gives me the same idea.  How many movies have centered on the Bronze or Stone Age? Maybe for my technology course, I could get the students to show how the gaming movement has used these themes.

Both courses will benefit from my visit to the Imperial War Museums. War films have always been popular in Hollywood and the tech used to operate aircraft has advanced through all wars.

The visit to the royal family’s vacation residence would give the students an idea of how royalty lives and how it’s depicted in films.

My tour of London took me through many sites that have appeared in a number of films. The Jason Bourne, James Bond movies and London Has Fallen are just a few that come to mind.

Manor homes such as Audley End House can be seen in films based on Jane Austen novels such as Pride and Prejudice. To see this home up close and walk through all the rooms, imagining how Jane Austen or one of her characters might have felt, was amazing!

So all in all, I think my visit to England will be very useful for my courses! Don’t you think?~~LMMolina



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