This course on Movies and Films

It’s been about a month since I started teaching the course on Movies and Films to 2 groups of Juniors and Seniors. I have one all-male group and the other group has only 2 females. This has put a bit of pressure on me as an instructor. The films I select will have to cater to the male point of view while keeping in mind that the female plays a strong role in many films. I admit it will be interesting as well as challenging. But as always, I’m up to a good challenge. Isn’t that part of a teacher’s job description?

We’ve watched a Coen brothers’ film: Hail Caesar! and Rob Reiner’s Stand By Me.  Both films have crude language and refer to poor life styles…drinking, sex, and the usual elements found in most films. Even though I teach in a Catholic school, I cannot in all honesty present films that avoid issues that will affect my students sooner or later in life.  They will be exposed to all sorts of situations, if they haven’t been already. So I’d like to think I’m “teaching” them to handle these life-altering events when they do confront them. At least, it just might help them put things in perspective. It could lead to some thought-provoking debates.  What better way of doing this than through a film which presents an issue that fires up the human soul?  ~~LMMolina



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