Apps for the classroom


Interesting how the “big picture” changes in the classroom when it comes to Web 2.0. So many apps are available to an educator to make a class more engaging! This morning our staff participated in a workshop in which each teacher experimented with an app to use later in the classroom. The staff created Memes, Avatars and Vokis. They also used Kahoot and powerpoint templates to get ideas for preparing their own activities.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with on their own! It should be fun! ~~LMMolina


Prisma: An App to try out

Just recently I was introduced to an App I decided to experiment with and decided it might be useful. Prisma is an app for editing photos artistically.  If I want to post photos of my students and I don’t want their faces to be easily recognized, this just might be the ticket!

I tried it out with a photo of the school’s female volleyball team.


Only the teammates will know who’s who! ~~LMMolina

Check out the site for more details:

Apps for Making Movies


Just came across an interesting article about apps for making movies. I decided to share it with my students; those who are blogging and those taking the course on films. All students will benefit. They’ll be creating their own original video during the school year so every little bit of help will count! I’ll advise them to first look at the freebies to try out. Then if they’re really serious, they can purchase an app that suits their needs.

You can check out the article by Monica Burns here at  I think you’ll find it very useful!

Who knows? Maybe I’ll create a video of my own!  I have to model for my students, of course, and it might just prove to be fun!~~LMMolina

Is there an App for that?

A question asked by many who want to find a way to make life easier.  Apps are cool software that provide fun and educate us. My students have been doing some research on different types of apps and how they can use them for their individual blogs. There are so many apps out there that it’s difficult to decide on any particular one. The students’ blogs are varied and so are the apps they found for each. Seems like for every blog there’s an app for it.

Students who were interested in physical activities found apps on swimming, fitness, soccer, basketball, and surfing. Those interested in foods found a wide variety of apps related to that topic. At the academic level, students discovered apps on math, the sciences, languages and history. And those who were keen on leisure activities and vacation places found apps such as TripAdvisor and Google Earth.

In the process of looking for apps to use with their blogs, the students discovered others they could use for their own personal use and quickly downloaded these to their portable electronic devices.  I got the impression that these would soon become favorites.

I wonder if there’s an app for a student who doesn’t do his assignment? I’ll have to check that one out for myself! ~~LMM