A comical numbers game: “7 into 28”

Working with numbers should be fun. Right? Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. But if we don’t make it fun or interesting at least, we’ll zone out the students. How can we get students to get some humor out of something as serious as math?  I came across this comedy sketch featuring a lovable actor from way back. I decided to show it to my tech students and see their reaction. I didn’t think they would get it but surprisingly they did and now want to try it out on their math teacher! I wonder how she’ll react. (By the way, the students requested to see the video twice!)

The scene: Bud Abbott doles out $28 to pay his room rent even though he owes his landlord way more than that. How much is 13 times 7? Ninety one? Are you sure? With Abbott it comes out a bit differently! His reasoning? Check out the video! ~~LMMolina



Humor in the classroom:

It’s summer so it’s time to reflect on some of our teaching practices and what we can do to improve them. It’s a healthy activity and one that should be taken seriously but not so seriously that we berate ourselves for making some mistakes. After all, we’re only human.

One thing that any wise teacher should “seriously” consider is having fun in the classroom. Why not take advantage of humor to get your ideas across? I’ve listened to some comedy routines that could be used as grammar exercises.  Jerry Seinfeld has a skit dealing with the words “down” and “up”.  He says that as children we were always told to “sit down,” “settle down,” “quiet down” and “stay down” or  they were told to “sit up” straight, not to “stay up” late, and that they should “get up” early.

Comedy can also be used with debatable topics. What do most comedians usually do anyway?  They make fun of ordinary events. Things as simple as going to the grocery store or visiting the family doctor can turn into a hilarious situation. One popular topic that frequently pops up is that of food consumption.  Whether it be eating an ice cream cone on a hot summer day or baking cupcakes for the first time, there’s bound to be something laughable to discuss with a classmate or post on a blog.

When you have your students discuss daily activities that involve humor, the class seems to be more enjoyable.  Students will come away with a bit more knowledge and a healthy attitude towards life in general. So let’s “lighten up” a bit!~~LMMolina