End of school year self-evaluation

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As part of my reflection as an educator in the classroom, I always like to administer a questionnaire to find out what my students thought of my teaching performance. I use Google Forms and DO NOT collect email addresses so the students can remain as anonymous as possible.

The questionnaire I used this year was developed by some of our teaching staff but I decided I wanted the students to provide their own items. They came up with some interesting thoughts as to how a teacher should work in the classroom.

Items in the form usually include how a teacher uses time, returns corrected work, posts grades, handles behavioral situations, and uses technology, among others.

Some of the items that my students wanted to include were the following:

The teacher offers opportunities to make up work after student has been absent.

The teacher helps out the student who needs it.

The teacher discusses the topics for an upcoming test.

The teacher assesses what has been discussed in class.

The teacher reacts favorably to questions asked by students.

The teacher respects the students’ personal space and property.

(This last one was unusual, but I decided to use it.)

The choices used were (1) always, (2) almost always, (3) sometimes, (4) very few times, (5) can’t say

Suffice it to say that I got some feedback that I will consider in the future. It’s always wise to reflect on past teaching practices and use these opportunities as a measuring device for future growth. For those of you who use a self-evaluation instrument, what do you include? ~~LMMolina


Cyberix Members: Tech Support for School’s Mock Election

Another use for Google Forms: Mock Elections! ~~LMM



Last Thursday three of our club members were on hand to help out student electors with the process of voting electronically. It was the school’s first mock election using Google Forms. Total count of those who voted was 179.  Results were displayed graphically through a pie chart (see image below). Our History Department Head, Wanda Ríos had prepared a group of students to function as election officials. The computer room served as part of the polling station.   Everything went smoothly and we hope to use this more frequently in the near future for other voting events. My thanks to the tech team of Kevin, Ángel and Victor. ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser


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Google Forms: Effective Research Tool

As a requirement for their Spanish course, the 12th graders at our school present a research paper towards the end of the school year.  They must use a questionnaire to gather some of the information for their paper and present the results when they defend their conclusions. What better way to do this than through the use of a Google Form? It’s less time-consuming and the results may be displayed graphically. The students can either embed the form on their blogs or send them via e-mail. Either way works well and students should get responses quickly. Since everything is done electronically, trees are saved in the process! That’s a plus!

Their teacher is promoting this method since she herself has used it in the past. I will provide one of my technology students to present this Google application to her groups. Hopefully, the students will benefit from the experience and use it to present the results of their research. I hope they can use it again later as they go through classes at the university level and then as professionals in their chosen career.

For further details on this and other related apps,  check my post on forms-and-surveys-on-blogs-or-webpages/~~LMM