The social network: Uses for the student blogger

I’ve been getting my technology course students to integrate their social apps in their blogging. Social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+ and LinkedIn are a few that they can use so their followers can get another view of their interests. Of course, I always advise them to be careful when posting content no matter what social media they use. More often than not, prospective employers are turning to these sites to get a feel for future employees. I cannot stress this enough. In my role as administrator, I’ve checked out profiles of recruits to see if they are good candidates for our school community. Social apps should be used to promote oneself and one should always put the best foot forward. Right? ~~LMMolina


Reassessing goals for the coming school year

At the beach


During the summer months, most educators take some time out to reflect on what goals  to establish for a more productive school year.  I am one of those souls who likes to reflect on my teaching strategies. I ask myself: What did I do the previous year that worked well? In what areas did I fail to reach the goals I established?  What  could I have done better? What can I do differently next year to reach those goals? Effective teaching practices involve a thoughtful reassessment of goals.

Between walks on the beach or puttering in the garden, I let my mind go and think of all the scenarios of a learning environment that might get the kids emotionally fired up to get going. Vacation time gives me the opportunity to think about those activities that can inspire the students to become self-learning individuals.  I’d like to create the kind of activity that will motivate any student and provide the chance to use the brain in creative ways. Whatever the activity, it should be one that results in a feeling of satisfaction and pride. The kind of feeling that makes one say proudly: “Wow! I did that!”

Recently, I’ve been following some boards on Pinterest related to the academic field and I’m fascinated by all the bright ideas that some teachers have to get their students motivated.  Just goes to show that when you put your mind to it, clever ideas emerge. Even if I have a number of years of experience under my belt, I’m sure I’ll pick up something new to try out for the coming school year. A person is never “too experienced” to learn new tricks and set new goals! ~~LMM