Life Lessons: Questions for this time of year

As an educator, I take advantage of every opportunity to teach some facts about life. In the process, I’ve learned some valuable lessons!

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This is the time of year that we take to work on our spiritual side. It’s a good time also for getting our students to think about their actions and how they affect those around them. As a school community we go on a pilgrimage each year to visit churches or religious sanctuaries on different parts of the island. When we come back, I take advantage of the outing for students as English-language learners to express their feelings about the experience. The results are interesting and often eye-opening. I discover that some students are indifferent, others come back a bit changed but not so much. As leaders of an educational community and one with a Christian philosophy, are we doing our best to get our students to reflect on their attitude towards that philosophy? How are we doing? What can we do to get them more involved, not only in the school’s pastoral affairs, but in activities sponsored by their parishes? In a world that has globally changed (for better or worse), are we doing all that is within our means? If there is any progress in this area, how can we measure it? These are questions that are food for thought! What are yours? ~~LMMolina


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