Another look at Wikispaces

I’ve been checking out Wikispaces to see what they have going for them that’s new, and exploring the possibility of using it in one of my courses this new year (2017). Wikispaces is now Wikispaces Classroom.  Competition for Google Classroom? More than likely. And by what I’ve discovered so far, Wikispaces Classroom seems to be in the lead. Why? For one thing, the teacher can invite all students no matter what their e-mail addresses are. Google Classroom needs every student to be in the same organizational domain. Something , that right now is not user friendly for me as a teacher. It would mean that I would need someone at the administrative level to do that. I’m not sure my school is ready for that yet.

However, I can invite my students to join my Wikispaces classroom through the Wiki I’ve created, in this case, mrsmolinatechnology. Each student can use his own email address. I can create group projects and monitor each student’s work.

How is Wikispace different from Wikispaces Classroom? Apparently, it’s “social writing with formative assessment.” A place for a classroom to work, connect and communicate. Sound cool? I think so. With Wikispaces I can email and receive private messages. I can also customize permissions: who can view, edit, or create pages. I can allow discussion posts from non-members if my Wiki is public. To safeguard my students’ privacy, I think I’ll keep it private for now.

Wikispaces by TES has brought me to Blendspace. This is a free web tool for teachers to collect resources in one place to form a bundled, interactive lesson for students or colleagues. I’m experimenting with that, too, and looking forward to using it with the students during the new semester of the current school year.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I’ve found the ‘ideal educational platform’. Here’s to a successful semester for all! ~~~LMMolina